Lord of the flies

God is a metaphor for you.

Does not the logic seem sound? Or ought it be the other way around?

The equation you reciprocate, control is hate, such ideas you conflate and

integrate and insecurity is never to abate and a charismatic method to dictate

leaves the followers so sedate; in your presence they’ll acquiescently change

their psychological state, perhaps even happily conjugate.


But, hearken, world: let in he, the calm and sensitive man; the world’s sacrificial lamb;

he who refuses to consume simply because he can; he who of his actions is aware;

he who keeps his trophy case of masculinity bare; he whose testosterone count is irrelevant

because empathy is what he can do and narcissism what he can’t.


Let him in, hear what he may have to say, know his silence

may echo far more wisdom than those who hurt to get their way.


People of the self-serving kind.

Act first, ask questions at a later time.

The Alpha Male’s sign.

Manifested masculine thought paradigm.

Be in control and get your way; you know what’s best, it matter never what others say.

Such notions always permissible because you know any inflicted pain will be dissolved

and a temporary loss of power may be resolved because you can speak impetuously now and later be quickly absolved. We know you are sorry. You are a good person.

You have no need to bite your pride and swallow

because a hackneyed apology is never in the least hollow.

Never ever in the least is it hollow.


Some of us see right through you snakes, you liars and manipulators and mendacious,

sorry excuse for men, some attack with emotional manipulation but some with the pen,

so now is the time to pay, today is the day, the one in which we may articulate what

the world needs to say because your type is the kind that fuels subservience and

emotional decay, depression abounding and self-esteem to defray.      


Extrapolate the power structure theories of your need for dominance,

control and money adjoined with callous sex, see the roots of such

behaviors in little boys fighting to make playmates their subjects

as they compete for playground dominance with sneering, self-assured countenance

in pursuit of this: control and dominion’s bliss.


Such things begin at a tender age, one reserved for candy,

cartoons, and silly fits of fist-clenching rage.

Put a dozen little boys in a room; their only difference

from men the lack of “adult” costume.

Power is divided, roles are thus chosen,

it is here where intimidation is aflame and democracy is frozen.

It is perennially manifest, ingrained with relative ease,

a Lord of the Flies disease,

a hunger for power amidst the shadows and tall trees

and consequential subservience from those afraid (or too eager) to please.


Such behaviors not only exhibited in politics and war,

but everyday in the pedestrian power searches,

in business and churches, the hostile birds on their perches.

Lions want to lead the pride and men want to be the assured guide

where they claim they’ll provide but really wish to preside

and they’ve lied to get inside the position they’ve always eyed

where they may decide the social divide and where “to fight alongside”

is a euphemism for “to misguide” for the glorification of one’s own sexuality

and ostentatious pride.


Blind followers: do you fall in line because it’s a role that you truly embrace?

Or simply because you know of no other place?

Why don’t you question the “leader”? The one to call the shots and pull rank?

Your politician, the one who writes and rewrites the central plank?

An example of the self-absorbed narcissist they are the superlative,

their defining characteristic that of the manipulative,

their efforts to attempt empathy even less than conservative.


They perpetuate a disease, an affliction of self-loathing.

They are but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  


I used to feel guilt like heatstroke, an overwhelming sensation attacking my brain,

shoving a freezing knife into the vital organs. I hated myself. I hated myself so much.

I wanted to bite my knuckles till they bled. I would cringe, I would grit my teeth

and ball my fists and just pound them into my head. I would grab nearby objects and

throw them to the ground. I would punch the wall.

Was it the hands or the heart that was of the more hurt?

What creates anger so overt, a complete inability to know yourself or to assert?

People who treat your inherently human qualities as an attempt to subvert,

who keep you down at any cost and grind your face into the dirt.


Let them breathe! Let them laugh, let them love and live!

Let them explore and create and make all types of mistakes,

let people know it’s ok to experience heartbreak.

Failure, contrary to what you are told, is an option. You will fail. You will be hurt.

You are not perfect. You have your own tastes and needs and a will to be freed

from what you are told you must be.


We must surround those in need of love with smiles and compassion.

Create more love, for we cannot make all of those who hate change. We cannot.

Because we shall never change the minds of those with pride

who would rather die than give up their platform to preside.

Those too infinitesimal to admit how much they crave the need to chide,

to be in control and be snide, those who won’t change because they’ve

too much pride to have ever even tried.


We cannot make them go away, so we must instead deal with life in the best possible way.

Fight for reason, fight for the many, fight for evenly distributed power and fight for love

and liberty, whether on the global scale or for an individual’s personal tranquility.

We can make a mass movement for patience, empathy and more listening and less asserting,

but can it be accomplished without the coddled power structure hurting?

Too many comfortable with the world’s structure feeling disconcerting?

Help those reluctant understand that power need not default to those who manipulate and betray,

who view themselves as dominant and the rest as prey (who would jack a piggy to get their way).

A leader is not one who craves control, but the one willing to

work the hardest, the one to pay pain’s outlandish toll.  


The human species must develop new methods of pedagogy,

conflate history to learn of past error and atrocity with empathy

to learn human equality despite poor or wealthy and fear and jealousy.

God had a neutral plan that humans took (regrettably)

and dealt with so unacceptably; one ostensibly of serenity

that has resulted in supremacy executed so contemptuously and often violently.

Yet there is potential for a paradigm shift of our psychology,

an ideology of compromise and apology.


But can we fight our very own biology?


Tony Blau Veldt, 10/08/2014 completed