“Ambrosia Lips”

Sumptuous words

oozing from between my lips.

Honey, nectar of the diction’s sphere,

a poetic coating for an amorous kiss.

Love: be it known from afar;

love: be it caught in a jar;

we are but fireflies – tenderly dancing in the night,

hand in hand down the boulevard of life,

wandering, waiting, wondering,

yet never a care for the time entire.

Dust in the winds of impermanence,

they strike the mandala and never miss.

Truth notwithstanding, the love remains:

happiness infinite, as are the pains.

03/28/2015, Tony Blau Veldt



One day,

you wrote me,

a letter of love – loquacious and likable.

Next day,

you wrote me,

a letter of confession – crestfallen and clamorous.

A beautiful soul, God’s art, a wretched being, a mercenary blackheart.

Trust and tryst – but one letter apart.

03/10/2015, Tony Blau Veldt