Simultaneously inadequate

whilst exercising excess etiquette,

gregarious and affable but irked and delicate.


Useless under writhered weathered stress,

excess duress,

one to confess

and obsess

for life but Kafkaesque.

A death and today’s grieve

is a yawn in tomorrow’s eve.


I endeavor, through trial, to find a world better than here.

Lo, the perverse irony: it is to the species I hate that I always endear.

04/05/2015 Tony Blau Veldt



She – I stare through;

deft glances,

precarious stances,

yearning to quell, so acutely innumerable: the specious romances.


She – pallid;

of a


She – transparent;

the one whom

I fear most.


I plead! “I ache to know the real you.

Yet colors truest shall never bleed through”.


Damned, verily vacant: these glass eyes.

These glass eyes, slowly rise to expose loathsome lies.


They bleed: “The truth, so dismal, is but a numb thing;

in the end…we’re all compensating for something”.


She glides, the ghost – icily, ever discreet;

ebbs in and out of forsaken lives;

those of quiet desperation treasure deceit.

Why dost thou specter? Haunt my life, plague my dreams?

Not of flesh, neither of spirit, nothing exists as it seems.


Faux being! Pale apparition! We beg a leave of loneliness!

We birth the ghost of callous coldness!

Reasons none but to validate one’s inane existence.



an ashen anemic cowardice,

a mendacious parasite’s host.

Live the lie,

filth inside,

deceive the most:

be the ghost.

05/13/2015 Tony Blau Veldt


Nature on the pulpit – her voice to
give admonishment on the eve of today.
What doth the tranquil night say?
More poignant an instruction than that of avarice’s way.
Blood in the trees, soul in the breeze,
liberate thee from the shackles of societies.
Free you. Be you. From the hair and
skin – permeate the soul through.

04/28, 05/02/2015 Tony Blau Veldt


A background, to bend and blur,

foreground, inverse, dimensions confer.

What ere, encumbered by logic,

deemed inconceivable,

has defied laws of stone.

Glorious love shall extirpate;

the rules to bend and break.

Beauteous love shall eradicate;

its auspices to overtake.

Glad tidings, yearning arms, welcome a new world –

love defies all.

04/30/2015, Tony Blau Veldt