“Breaking Waves”

If thy breath be a flower, thine existence is a garden; a beauty scattered o’er the world entire.

I see her loveliness breathed through the calming trees,

I taste her salts in the stones from the far away seas.

Her aura alone turns the tides.

Her raven hair is woven through the fabric of times.

To savor, to enthrall; its thick richness my pleasure, my pain, my enduring downfall.

The damsel with the smile tattooed on my mind’s eye.

The beauty with the splendor to eclipse the stars in the sky.

In the mouth of eternity’s river we were born.

Thusly we meet. Verily we lust.

Our waves surging, crashing against the rocks of love’s mighty cliffs.

Eloquent explosions of passionate prophecies, lovingly licentious gifts.

Gather, ye, thy living of smiling abundance.

Gather, ye, thy living of loving indulgence.

Rather, ye, attribute thy life to happenstance?

Gather, ye, thy deliberate living – one of purest substance.

Tis thine forever! and always thus shall be;

I hold thee with grandest ardour, a most manifest energy.

Thus to wander together,

thus to rove forever,

euphorically floating down

our origins’ very streams.

Living a life truest – forging our home,

one between reality and dreams.

Tony Blau Veldt, 07/03/2015