“Anti-Social Media”

I – Away


I emerge awakened from the mind’s woods – nature, love; confirmed, the essences of life.

Twas’ but neurological trees and synaptic breeze,

yet singularly sufficient, commanded me to my knees.

I reflected on living in the moment, in a world so real;  

a solitary pilgrimage of months, so many away,

damaged not I – tis others gone, so many astray.


I cautiously crawl back into that drowsy world – the vanity, the ego, the mind’s war.

What, what, ye people? You’ve the gift of life. Yet what is it that you’re living for?


II – Return


Your vicarious digital vessel,

your oxygen and self-worth trestle.

The tumult and silence wrestle.

Tumult and silence wrestle.

Suddenly malcontent.

Immediate consent.

Stay relevant.

Wrestle and wrestle.


Deflating your self-esteem yet evoking validation,

the addiction of our nation,

autonomy’s castration,

such temptation in the stagnation and sedation,

deviation from your soul’s cultivation,

the genuine attempts at augmentation.

The people, they surrender.

No hope for exaltation.


Awoke, astonished by this world – the vanity, the ego, the mind’s war.

Why, why, ye people? You’ve the gift of life. Yet what is it that you’re sleeping for?


III – Vanity


Desperate for attention and in love with one’s self

(your banal photograph could at least be taken by one else).

The projected you is fraudulent, a carefully calculated scheme,

what makes you only appear desirable becomes the recurring theme.

But a shadow of the real you, every detail composed with obsession,

layer your opera, charlatan maestro, never offer a true confession.

Self-fixated, vainglorious, conceited, every other synonym,

(Narcissus was the first and we have a word named after him).

Are you Dorian Gray with a flair of Amory Blaine?

Does “feeling yourself” keep that vapid mind sane?


Awaken, human; be selfless, focused, deliberate and purposeful.

Accept the blinding light of truth: none of you are remarkable;

no one life is particularly memorable;

knowing is admirable.


IV – Ego


Quarrel and squabble and wring digital throats,

pander like children with your pithy anecdotes.

Screaming at sheets of glass and pixels of light,

lacking modesty and integrity to avoid an imbecilic fight.

Life is all too finite for this fucking insipid spite,

I hate a world where slinging rhetoric supersedes being right.

Has every complexity suddenly become black and white?

Is it intellectual bankruptcy or does uebermensch soapboxing help you sleep at night?

Are you Roskolnikov with a touch of King Leopold (and Loeb)?

Have you become God of righteousness and judge and jury of the globe?


Awaken, human; be patient, mindful, accepting of your flaws and transience.

Accept the cold stab of truth: admitting your ignorance is true valiance;

know you were not fashioned for social salience;

the rebirth is instantaneous.


V – Anti-Social Media


Public moments on public forums in the public’s time frame belong never to but one,

yet thrives the guilty parties in the haughty usurpation, the idea of supremacy over someone;     

your moments of argumentation not about making our differences comprehended,

these moments about feeding the gluttonous addiction to being offended;

your moments of self-validation not about making the world free of scorn,

these moments about stirring the pot, creating sport and anger porn;

your moments of disputation not about capturing hard truth in a bottle,

lacking empiricism and epistemology implored by Aristotle,

your moments of quotation instead about who gets more praise and likes,

who gets off on feeling like a God of digital egomaniacal types.


Can you be proud of anything

without having to inform all, bait and boast?

Can you accomplish even the

mundane without having to post?


You the empiricist, you the experiencer and the interpreter;

you the beholder, you the emotional documenter of your own existence;

you the validator, you the blessed eternal cradler of every smile, every tear

of joy ever created by your unique breath, the divine temple, your human soul.


You. Has your own joy become less real to you

when the multitude of fake friends don’t approve?

You. Has your own joy become less real to you

when the seas of nameless faces don’t believe it to be true?


VI – Awake


Experience the immediate liveliness of living a day on your own,

waking up without feeding your dependence syndrome.

Awake. Exit the cave. Yet you’re afraid?

Experience showing the world your inadequacy –

your shortcomings, your ignorance, your plasticity.

Awake. Exit the cave. Do not be afraid.


Lest you forget where true life lives,

flesh is the soil of your soul’s Earth.

You must embrace touch for rebirth.

Awaken, laugh, plant thy affections deep.

Touch, delight, rejoice in conquering the sleep.

You don’t know humanity entrapped in simulacra and lies.

You don’t experience humanity without connecting eyes.


True affections, true happiness, real conversation:

this is life, this is love.

Live for one another’s beauty.

Not the idea of.

06/11-08/30/2016, Tony Blau Veldt



I went into a Starbucks the other day.

There was no oxygen;

the canned air, thick with pretension and unfulfilled dreams.

Looked clean, austere, exclusive, like a spaceship!

My maverick soul a contaminate.

Felt like a spaceship, too.

Filled with cute little aliens.

From Planet Basic White Bitch.

08/28/2016, Tony Blau Veldt