“Frettie Edgy”

The essence of existence manifested itself

in the curling of Frettie Edgy’s tongue,

the maniacal biting of his fingertips.

And why he eats and why he breathes.

Why wars are fought

why lovers are sought.

Why the Earth turns round

why laws of physics are bound.

Bite gnaw think bite gnaw think

Bite gnaw think bite gnaw sleep…


Guilt is his many toothed-monster;

gnashes and tears at emotional gizzards.

A bird of prey.

His head a trough,

his heart a buffet.


Bits of nails thicken the atmosphere like sawdust.

He bites as a cartoon character eating corn on the cob.

The 21st century anxious people make a hazy cloud in a satellite photograph.

(“Commander to base – did God unleash a plague of snow?”)

He lays down with a book and 45 minutes later has

perfunctorily snail-crawled his way through three pages

for he bite gnaw think bite gnaw think bite gnaw sleep…


Where are Frettie’s people?

Where does Frettie belong?

When Frettie finally tries to assert himself…

people tell Frettie he’s wrong?


Who can Frettie possibly trust?

What can make Frettie strong?

But then if Frettie is too nice…

does that also make Frettie wrong?


Who is Frettie?

Why does Frettie be?

Frettie is you.

Frettie is me?
Tony Blau Veldt, 03/26/2017



So alien comes a sensation so real, so acute.

Foreign agent, bacterium, like an end to Wells’ invaders.

Feeling makes extinct the cancerous species of a psyche.

This numb denizen has brought much fatigue.

Content in the biome of an insidious brain.

This is reality and it’s truly frightening.


“Stop”, they say.

“Man up”, they say.

Coax the sky to not be blue.

Tell the sun to not set.

Implore time to stand still.


Cleaved heart and taciturn soul.

Inhalation of vampires takes a toll.

Tony Blau Veldt, 03/12/2017