I used to, on occasion, perceive others’ dark

as a mendacious mode of false endearments

they could put on a performative spectacle to lure

passive onlookers like a siren’s song

I see now

I see now peoples’ pain

I see now how detractors

bathe their reality in shame.

I see now the drugs and what they do

to the anguished person famished for respite;

I see now the amorous indulgences and what they do

to the emotionally ailed one in dire need of feeling;

I see now the alcohol and what it does

to the hopeless soul whose hands tremble in grief;

I see now the vice of any kind and what it may do

to the lost people who can barely breathe. 

Who is anyone to arraign?

Who is anyone at all to judge

how anyone who’s anyone might make it through their days?

Life is filled with pain;

over a constant current do we row

along the very rapids we aspire to tame.

And all that while, some souls 

force their smiles, constructed ever elegantly;

people’s muscular affectation tells tales beyond top lore.

So judge never the person or the vice;

they may use what’s needed to survive,

regardless of consequence or price

Judge never how people’s demons are fought;

anyone is a survivor who can wake up,

nobody need be shamed for comfort they’ve sought

Halt judgment’s angry energy 

—it is only insecurity’s thirst

Take a breath and study the mirror 

—explore what you need to fix first

Judgment is a pyrrhic game

—you may be correct but many are dead

Judgment is the opposite of what people need

—put the energy into understanding instead 

Sure as one can never know 

the wind from the breeze,

never can one know

the truth from what one perceives.

Tony Blau Veldt, 02/22/2022

4 thoughts on ““Judgment”

  1. This is a phenomenal piece and it’s so impactful! I love how you listed various examples to demonstrate how “passive on lookers” can give into these “false endearments”. How we’re all passive on lookers and should not judge each other for it. An incredible piece!

    1. Sir Charles,

      Thank you so much! What an insightful comment, it means so much that you read what I wrote and truly thought about it. I am now following your blog and look forward to seeing your stuff. Thanks again and be well! 🙂


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